Sunday, December 31, 2000


Today took us about 100 miles up the shore line of Lake Superior, unlike on the MI side, you can go down to the water any time you want and search for agates.
We are camping on the water's edge on the Ojibwa Reservation. We are in a cove with an island; it's very cold but we have the mosquitoes to keep us company.

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Location:Grand Portage, MN

Contemporary Handweavers of Texas

Two down, 2 to go. All packed and ready for our celebratory dinner. This was a really fun conference.

Back from sushi; I had a Texas roll. Crab and avocado inside, more crab outside with cheese and hot mayonnaise on top, baked. Had to be the weirdest sushi roll I've ever eaten!

I met Diane Ferguson in the last half hour of the conference, she belongs to the "Stitch Junkies", an on line embroidery group I belong to. Now I have a face and voice to go with the fabulous embroidery.

I'm proud to say I brought the rain to Texas! Lightening, thunder, pouring rain and 103*, hot rain - strange or what?

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Location:College Station TX