Monday, April 27, 2009

Trails - Tarp Sewing

Setting up an area to sew was easier said than done. My weaving studio and sewing area are both piled high with Weavers' Cottage's looms and other big items that have no other home for the time being. I decided to clear off my kitchen island and pile things on the counter. Half my cutting board fits, kinda, but I'm sewing away. The tarp is about half done.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weaving - Cranbrook

This week an old Cranbrook loom came home with me. When it was all together, sitting in a garage, I was too busy thinking about getting it into my truck to look for the name of the maker. I know it's not a Schacht but I don't know if it was made by Bexel or Norwood, when we get it back together, I will figure it out.  I do know it's big, 72" weaving width makes for a big Cranbrook. More on this adventure later when a spot is found for it.

Trails - Camping

Camping on the trail to and from the Contemporary Handweavers of Texas' Conference was fun and we have decided to camp all this summer when we are traveling. One problem I had was the tent and sleeping bag. The sleeping bag is too confining and the tent is too hot. Last night I set up the sewing area and today I am going to start on the "Ray-Way of Camping" tarp and quilt set-up.