Monday, September 20, 2010

Dish Towel Exchange

This weekend went zipping by.  Thursday I got out the yarn for the Dish Towels, it's not 8/2, some of it is labeled 20/2 and some 16/2 but it might mis-marked as the yarn looks to be 8/2. What ever it is, I'm using it. It's unmercerized, so it will work.

It wrapped 13 touching in a half inch so I will warp at 24 epi, using a 12 dent reed.  I decided to put on 8 yards which I would normally go front to back but I thought I would try the AVL warping reel on thicker yarn.        

The sections on this loom are 2 inches so I need 48 ends.  This is the first run and I'm not too pleased with it. The edges pook out into the next space, I will probably unreel it after I try again.
Second run going smoother than the first. There is a small comb between the highest bobbin and the next one to it's right, it acts like a rattle.  On the first run I put 2 ends in each section, on the second, I measured 2 inches and figured out how many ends should go in each section. I ended up putting 2 ends each in the two edge sections on each side and 3 ends in the balance. This helped to keep the yarn from pushing out into the next sections. I also put the reel up on bed risers, this made it easier on my back. Now I will have to build a little platform with wheels.  The bed risers make it hard to line the yarn with the sections. Casters will help. A job for another day.
The second run is much smoother and the tension much better. The first will have to be redone. 

This was all I had time for, looking for more time next Thursday.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shifted Gears

The stripe material is taking more time than I thought so I have decided to wrap more cards in the evenings and warp my loom with dish towels.  Our guild has a once a year dish towel exchange and I decided not to wait until the last minute, again. I never make fancy towels for these exchanges as I like a nice thin towel that actually absorbs water. My last year's towels were wove with hemp, they looked terrible but worked great. After a few washings they didn't wrinkle as much.  This year I'm using 8/2 cotton.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Just My Yarn and RedFish DyeWorks

Since I wanted stripes for this shirt instead of random color, I thought I should wrap some cards to see how my chosen colors would work with each other.  I very seldom do this but in this case I'm glad I did. The colors worked fine, however, the pink hand-spun silk was too fuzzy.  I traded it out for the same color in 20/2 silk and it looks much better. I have also decided to sley the 20/2 two to a dent and the 60/2 three to a dent, it will still be sheer but the difference in the stripes won't be so great.  I will work on wrapping new cards tomorrow. Maybe

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sometimes life just gets in the way of fun. Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just My Yarn and RedFish DyeWorks

I have all the yarns wound on spools and ready to start if I had a plan. I think I will make a shirt to go over a sweater.  Probably 6 yards will do it but I really should sit down and do some drawing and figuring.  I have to stay out of the studio tomorrow morning as the piano turner is coming and it drives me crazy to listen to him. I am beginning to look forward to Thursdays and Fridays, I will draw and figure in the morning and start in the afternoon.

This is Yellow Cat. He appeared when he was a kitten and stayed under the guest house for the longest time. I put food and water out for him and told him this wasn't going to be a permanent situation. Three years later he is still spending the winters with us, the summers he spends Tom-Catting, only coming back when he is wounded badly and expects to be fed while he recuperates. I keep feeding and doctoring but I still tell him this isn't going to be a permanent situation.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Just My Yarn and RedFish DyeWorks

New project this week.

Yesterday I laid out the 3 skeins of yarn I purchased from Just My Yarn and looked at them off and on all morning.  In the afternoon I started adding RedFish yarns to fill in the warp.  I decided I wanted a lot of color in stripes and a sheer fabric. 
 This is what I have come up with so far. The pink on the left is a hand-spun silk I had RedFish dye a light pink.  Because it is hand-spun the color is very streaky, which I love. The 6 little skeins are RedFish 60/2 100% silk in stock colors. The 2 skeins across the top are RedFish 20/2 silk in stock colors. The 3 skeins on the right are Just Our Yarn. The one to the left is tencel, the middle is 30/2 tencel and the right hand side is Rayon. I might add more colors later, I'll have to wait and see

I will be using my Schacht floor loom which has 2 inch sections. I will use the AVL Warping Reel as I think I will make each section different. 

May haps I best decide what this rectangle will turn into and figure how much warp I need. This is always a great idea! Back to the drawing board.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mummies & Silks

Today we took a field trip to see the Mummies of the World at the California Science Museum.  We made the trip to downtown Los Angeles in an hour and fifteen minutes, almost a record, and even got a parking place. The Mummies were, well Mummies.  Very interesting but the bog people are still my favorite.

My friends Debbie and Lisa and I are all on a cleaning spree.  Studios are being cleaned and of course we all get first pick of the others throw aways. Today Deb brought me a bag of silk when she picked us up to visit the Mummies.  I don't see how she could part with these, some of the pieces are over 5 yards. Now they are in my stash.