Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not much happening

Not much happening with me this past week! The weather has me under the weather. I totally dislike weather, I live in the desert where it's supposed to be hot during the day, cool to cold at night. It has been like this forever. Now all of a sudden we have a new pattern, hot during the day, hot at night, next day hot day, cold night, next day so humid you can't breathe, then hot, yesterday, the topper! Rain, hail, wind, very unsavory weather. Our average rain is 6 to 8 inches a year, why do we need more when I have a perfectly good hose to water what I want watered, when I want it watered. This year we have had over 23 inches of rain, we have cleared the property of weeds 4 times. OK, I'm off my soapbox, and leave with tonights moonrise.
Well, I can't even do that. It's there but it won't upload. Bummer, I'm going to bed.

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