Tuesday, November 1, 2011

50/50 Silk/Camel Sample

Fall is not my most favorite time. The daylight hours are less, of course, but the light also changes as the sun gets lower in the sky, creeps me out, with that said, I will continue with life.

Our traveling season will be over after this weekend with the Southern California Handweavers WeFF show, it's a one day show but very large and fun.

Note:  I have not stopped working on my P2P2 project, I'm still braiding, braiding, braiding.

Now on to my sample. We like to have samples, both woven and knitted, in our booth to show how our yarns work up and I am getting behind in my sample making so it's catch up time.

I will be working with 50/50 Silk/Camel, it's very fine yarn at 800 yards in a 50g skein. I have never worked with this yarn so if all works out I will have a scarf plus a square sample for the booth. I will also work in colors that are not inside my comfort zone to see what I can come up with.

Project:  Scarf 8" x 72" + sample square
Yarn:  RedFish DyeWorks
Colors:  P4d, BG4d, YG3b
Sett:  36 epi, 3 per dent 12 dent reed
I wind my skeins onto 4" cardboard bobbins with my bobbin winder. I use a plastic swift because the yarn doesn't stick to it as it does with the wood ones. Put the yarn on the swift, wind it off to the bobbin, takes about a minute and a half per skein.

I usually work with paper and colored pencils first but this yarn is so fine it doesn't translate well to paper. I will continue to wrap cards until I find a combination that pleases me.

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