Sunday, January 1, 2012

First day thoughts and deeds

I plant 20 trees every year and this job was completed today! They weren't exactly trees per say but upright Rosemary plants. When you live in the desert, anything that grows 6 to 8 foot tall can be called a tree in my book. I put them along my North fence line where they can soak up water from my neighbor's lawn overwatering.
I also learn two new things every year and spent some tree planting time thinking about what I want to learn this year. I finally decided on learning the ins and outs of Crackle Weave. Our friend Susan Wilson published a book last year on Crackle and it features a beautiful scarf on the cover made from RedFish DyeWorks yarn.  My second project will be to learn line dancing. I'm jealous of my friend Lisa having all the fun. So there it is, Crackle and line dancing.
From last year, I managed to become a half-way decent gluten-free baker and have managed to learn knitting. I have a sweater half finished, front and back done with sleeves and hood to go. I was hoping to have it finished by "Stitches West" in March but I think that is a pipe dream.
My volunteer work will continue at the library doing Adult Cooking Class, except this month because it was decided to do Blood Sausage. I'm sorry, even if I wasn't a vegetarian, that sounds positively disgusting! This choice was made because of the book "The Belly of Paris" which is the Foodie Book Club book of the month.  I also volunteer for "Threads" at the library. We are trying to get people interested in getting back to basics with sewing, weaving, knitting and other thread things.  We are slowly growing into a great "Sewing Circle".
My book reading/listening list totaled 60 for the year.
All in all, last year was a great year, life is good. That's the end of my thoughts and deeds.

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