Monday, March 11, 2013

Previewing RedFish DyeWorks' yarns

RedFish DyeWorks deals in silk and silk blended yarns and fibers. When time allows, I will try to write about the 17 yarns we currently dye.

The first to be discussed is Boucle.  Our Boucle is made by wrapping a fine silk roving with two very fine silk threads that are crossed and drawn up tight making little puffs of the silk roving.  If the yarn is pulled tight when winding into a ball or measured onto a warping board the fine silk threads will pop and the yarn will unravel.

 The fine threads can be seen in this close up.
 This is the skein as it comes to you without it's label.  Untwist the yarn and grab the white string that marks the middle of the skein.
 Place the skein on a swift. I personally like the plastic swifts as they do not grab at the silk like wood. Untie the white string and find the knot that holds the ends together. Before untying the end knot, work your way around the skein smoothing the strands and uncrossing twists. Untie the end knot and determine which end comes from the outside and which comes from the inside. I wind boucle balls by hand as the ball winder pulls on the swift too hard.
 I also like to work with boucle from the outside of the ball rather than a center pull. This yarn has a tendency to stick on it's self as it is a roving and not spun and plied.

Next time -- stats and what to do with this beautiful yarn.

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