Sunday, June 22, 2014


When people in the booth ask if this color goes with that color, I never know what to say. I know they like the two colors together, because one, they picked them out and two, they are usually wearing them. Do I like them? Maybe yes, maybe no. Others ask me to pick a color to go with one that they have picked. After I pick they say, "You have got to be kidding!" Did I like it? Yes, did they? No.

I look at a color and break it down to the basic color wheel, that's Orange. I know it's not true orange, it might have some red in it or yellow, but in my head it's Orange and I can go from there. Everyone looks at color a different way. Look at nature, you see all colors mixed up with excellent results. Take the time to really look at an object and pick out all the colors in it, very few things are one solid color.
This peach is light yellow/orange at the top with white highlights moving down to red/orange with purple highlights. All these colors mixed together would make a beautiful fabric. It my opinion.

Or sometimes we get lucky and find a beautiful skein of yarn. The peach was excellent also.

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