Tuesday, October 27, 2009

weaving - Towel Exchange

I feel my dishtowels are a complete failure at this stage and as I don't have time to reweave them (I do have time to reweave but I do not want to!!) I will start the process of trying to save them.
I personally like a nice thin, loose weave dishtowel, I think they take up water better; these might be too loose. I also wanted to try a diversified plain weave, perhaps not the best pattern for hemp. I really can't say as I've never done this pattern before and I also have never wove with hemp. Now I have made dishtowels that have to be ironed. Good job! I will now get my iron and board out and give them a good press. Hopefully, I can find my iron and board in under an hour.

Things I have learned on this project:
Stick to patterns and yarns were you know the outcome when joining an exchange.
Start early incase you have to start over.
Don't join any more exchanges.

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