Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why I'm not weaving 8(

Every day I think to myself, "I'm going to weave today" and every day slips by without a loom being touched. It would be easier for me to weave if I could actually get to a loom. Since I closed the Weavers' Cottage in Canyon Country and moved it to Acton, my home, weaving studio and several sheds are stuffed with equipment, yarns, computers and office equipment. My life as a weaver came to a screeching halt, let's face it, everything came to a screeching halt. You read about people who are found dead because a pile of crap fell over on them in their home, this could be me!
The first thing that happened, was a 40 foot container. We insulated it, had electricity installed and a fabulous shelving system. One wall is covered with slat board to hold all the cones. There was only one problem - no room for an office and where can I put the looms and equipment? The second container arrived, a 15 footer - the office problem is solved. Once again we insulated and installed electricity.
My home is small - 1700 square feet. My weaving studio is small 700 square feet. My looms are large - a 52" Tools of the Trade (my baby) a 36" Schacht floor loom and a Baby Wolf 26", 2 48"Gilmores, a 48" Fireside, 2 48" Norwoods and a 30" Baby Norwood, these puppies take up a lot of room! Ah, we need another container - this one is 48 feet long! It has been electrified and insulated. Over Thanksgiving, we will install a double door in the side. Those big end doors are really hard to open. All the looms except for 4 will be moved to the #3 container. I will have my weaving studio back!!!
Tomorrow another building will be delivered! It will be our little show room! The Weavers' Cottage is gone but the Weavers OutPost will be born, after insulating and electricity, of course. I'm getting excited, we have the garden planned and will work on it this winter. Nine months have passed and I have received tons of email inquiries about our re-opening date. All I have to say is it would have been sooner but for the insulating and electricity - and then there is always the lack of time and money.
Soon, it will be soon.

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