Monday, January 18, 2010

2009 Goals

I have been avoiding this but since January is more than half over, it's probably time to address my 2009 Goals and post 2010's.

Katazome Kimono
I did not complete this goal but it is started and will continue to 2010
After taking 2 classes from Lillian Whipple, I have decided my plain weave brain does not want to wrap it's self around the Taquete weaving format. Lillian finally took pity on me and wove the collar for me and we will enter it in a competition as a collaboration. She, of course, has her part done, I am still working on my part and will continue to 2010.
Another long drawn out process that will continue to 2010.
Towel exchange
I got this one done - yeah!
I haven't nailed a handstand yet but it's getting closer. I can do a shoulder stand and a head stand, I can do a handstand using a doorway for support. I am working on arm strength and loosing weight. The less you have to put up there, the easier it might be. I will continue this in 2010.
Project Convergence 2010
It looks like this one is a pipe dream.  Way too much going on to concentrate on my project. Will change this goal to Convergence 2012 and start now.
Multiple tabby weave
I have dropped this one, after researching, it's not as interesting as I thought.
Diversified plain weave
I got this one, I did my towels for the exchange in diversified plain weave using hemp. I'm very proud, I made dish towels you have to iron.

This year I will have some goals left from last year but I think my new goal will be to weave. Just weave fabric; beautiful, colorful fabric and see what develops.


Valerie said...

Hi Sandy...
Loved reading through your goals, esp. combining weaving with yoga.

Handstands are in my goal lists, but I really would love to be doing full chataranga's the whole way through class by the end of 2010. Oh...and I'd like to be able to get into (and safely out of) wheel.

Happy weaving!

Weaving Trails said...

Valerie - Hi
Thanks for the note.
I practice Iyengar Yoga with lots of props but back bends are still down the line. My plank pose is getting better but still very wobbly, I need to work on my upper body muscles.