Monday, September 20, 2010

Dish Towel Exchange

This weekend went zipping by.  Thursday I got out the yarn for the Dish Towels, it's not 8/2, some of it is labeled 20/2 and some 16/2 but it might mis-marked as the yarn looks to be 8/2. What ever it is, I'm using it. It's unmercerized, so it will work.

It wrapped 13 touching in a half inch so I will warp at 24 epi, using a 12 dent reed.  I decided to put on 8 yards which I would normally go front to back but I thought I would try the AVL warping reel on thicker yarn.        

The sections on this loom are 2 inches so I need 48 ends.  This is the first run and I'm not too pleased with it. The edges pook out into the next space, I will probably unreel it after I try again.
Second run going smoother than the first. There is a small comb between the highest bobbin and the next one to it's right, it acts like a rattle.  On the first run I put 2 ends in each section, on the second, I measured 2 inches and figured out how many ends should go in each section. I ended up putting 2 ends each in the two edge sections on each side and 3 ends in the balance. This helped to keep the yarn from pushing out into the next sections. I also put the reel up on bed risers, this made it easier on my back. Now I will have to build a little platform with wheels.  The bed risers make it hard to line the yarn with the sections. Casters will help. A job for another day.
The second run is much smoother and the tension much better. The first will have to be redone. 

This was all I had time for, looking for more time next Thursday.

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