Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just My Yarn and RedFish DyeWorks

I have all the yarns wound on spools and ready to start if I had a plan. I think I will make a shirt to go over a sweater.  Probably 6 yards will do it but I really should sit down and do some drawing and figuring.  I have to stay out of the studio tomorrow morning as the piano turner is coming and it drives me crazy to listen to him. I am beginning to look forward to Thursdays and Fridays, I will draw and figure in the morning and start in the afternoon.

This is Yellow Cat. He appeared when he was a kitten and stayed under the guest house for the longest time. I put food and water out for him and told him this wasn't going to be a permanent situation. Three years later he is still spending the winters with us, the summers he spends Tom-Catting, only coming back when he is wounded badly and expects to be fed while he recuperates. I keep feeding and doctoring but I still tell him this isn't going to be a permanent situation.

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