Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bandelier National Monument

From the big city to total wilderness in 2 hours. Albuquerque was our 2nd show of this year but seems like the first as Stiches West was in February. Having a 2 day break before heading to Texas is a luxury, especially being able to spend it at Bandelier. Yesterday we walked the path to the cliff dwellings,the large kiva and the long house. The cliffs above the dwellings had many pictographs and the caves had many paintings. The indigenous people of the area wove simple clothing items and baskets but painted the caves elaborately. I do have many photos and will upload them to Flickr, if I can figure out how but it will have to wait until I have a connection again.

On the walk back to the visitor's center, we saw a black bear cub. The ranger who was watching it said it had separated from it's mother this spring as it is 2 years old now. More rangers came and herded it to another area. Sleep was a long time coming after seeing a bear not far from your pitched tent.

Today was a sleeping, as not too much was done last night,and walking day, it's off to Texas tomorrow.

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Location:Whiterock NM

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