Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Contemporary HandWeavers of Texas

Left Bandelier sadly but had to move on down the road. Next stop Fort Sumner, NM to check out Billy the Kid's grave site. There are several museums on Billy and also the museum of the Long Walk of the Navajos, Bosque Redondo, another atrocity by our Government.

Spent the night in Post, TX, in a nice little motel run by a very nice couple. While I was registering, I asked if there were any vegetarian restaurants in Post. She laughed and said she was probably was the only vegetarian in Post. After that she said she would give us a special rate and her best room (I would rather have had a nice Indian meal but that wasn't offered). The room turned out to be pink and gold with flowers everywhere, even had pink sheets.

Headed for College Station this morning and made excellent time as the roads were long and straight with a speed limit of 70.

Hopefully I will have time tomorrow to learn how to upload photos.

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Location:College Station, TX

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