Thursday, May 10, 2012

sharon b's Embroidery Class

The "Sumptuous Surface Embroidery" class that was to start today actually started yesterday as my yesterday was today in Australia. As there are people from all over the world involved, I imagine some might start tomorrow as their today will be Australia's yesterday. How fun.

The first weeks lesson, like any other handwork class, is on design. Wither I am teaching or taking, I have always enjoyed being involved in classroom situations where you have to start from scratch. It is amazing how concepts come to people; how some have to draw pictures, some write, some look at things, then when the light bulb comes on, other processes go into play so it can actually become a doable design. For some people this process takes days, even weeks and it's hard to believe for some take years.  I see pictures in my head.

I do fabric or as I like to say, I do rectangles, when I'm done, someone else can turn them into something else. I do hand-weaving, felting, quilting; all with the idea that they could adorn someone's body, somehow.

I have always embroidered, mainly on clothing (hippie) but on linens also, quilts too.  There is something about taking a thread and making a piece of cloth with it then taking more threads and decorating it. All embroidery is a form of surface design -- you are putting threads on a surface, but the first time I saw sharon b's work I was fascinated. I have embroidered, I have done bead work but to put them together in the manner in which she does is magic. I'm excited, I'm rambling, it's bedtime.

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