Friday, November 20, 2009

why I'm not weaving 8(

The dogs started barking, I grabbed my camera and ran outside just in time to see the Weavers OutPost come up the drive. We have been waiting 3 weeks for it to get here and now it's here.
We have had 3 steel containers delivered and watching them being rolled off trucks and crashing to the ground turned by excitement to fear, this is a wooden building, it can't crash to the ground. Hopefully the delivery man knows his stuff.

Well, he knew how to drive anyway, he backed right into the spot on the first try.  The spot I had marked was larger than the little house so when the driver asked me which line I wanted the house on it was the line furtherest away. This amazing little trailer had no problem with that request, it just dropped another set of wheels going in the opposite direction and the trailer bed moved back 4 foot.

OK, at this point I haven't taken a breath in 5 minutes!

Here it is, safe and sound on the ground.  Our neighbor, John, is doing the electricity for us and he just happened to drive by and stopped to check it out.  When he left, we headed off to town for insulation.

Looks a little bare. After installing the insulation, I will start digging holes for trees, bushes and flowers. I love to dig, it's right up there with weaving.

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