Saturday, November 28, 2009

why I'm not weaving 8(

When we arrived home from visiting Anne and Jim in Mesa, last Wednesday, we found this little rat dog in the orchard. She was hungry, thirsty, matted and of course, just to make the season bright, in season.  She's driving our dogs nuts. I have figured out a diaper system for her and have hung pictures of her on the town bulletin board . To see if anyone recognizes her, I have taken her by the local vets, feed stores and groomers. No one knows her! She is pure bred, adorable, and doesn't yip. She wasn't house broke but is now, sleeps in a create, certainly wasn't used to running with the big dogs but seems to have taken over and can herd our Australian Shepherds into a corner in no time flat. We are hoping that her owners are away for Thanksgiving and will claim her on their return. We call her Little Dog as we don't want to get too close (we've had a cat for a couple years we call Yellow Cat for the same reason). If no one claims her, I will take her to the vet to be spayed and then take her to my dear, dear, dear friend Susan's. Her dog Sunny needs a friend and she seems be more of a city dog than country.

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