Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chinese Braid Embroidery/Goldwork Embroidery

We had monster winds last night complete with rain that turned to sleet. This morning the mountains around us are covered with snow, very beautiful but cold.

Anyway, my Goldwork Embroidery class is coming up and I thought I'd better show some progress or they might kick me out. After doing a practice gold piece, I decided to do a cuff incorporating embroidery, goldwork, Chinese braid embroidery and maybe some beadwork.  I had seen a Chinese Braid Embroidery stand at a weaving conference last summer and had thought I might like it as I enjoy Japanese braiding. As in most of my projects, there is always something missing that plays a key part in the whole project and in this case it was the stand. I called a friend who does woodworking and after putting out heads together we came up with a wonderful stand. It's very plain but as with most wooden things that are finished perfectly, it's a joy to use.

Since it's very cold out and I have a new toy and a warm fire I have been happily braiding away on a grey and pink silk braid for the first section of my cuff.

I used some bobbin lace bobbins and tied washers on the ends for weight. The silk is RedFish DyeWorks 60/2 using 4 strands as one on each bobbin. Chinese braids are used to embroider with and are usually of a simple design.  This braid is 1/8 inch wide and fairly tight using only eight bobbins.

Today, I will try to get my embroidery frame set up.  Which is another whole project in itself.

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