Friday, March 5, 2010

Trails - selling

WOW! Stitches is over, actually it's been over for almost a week.  The trip up was uneventful, which is fine. We did see thousands and thousands of almond trees in bloom which made for pleasant driving.

Stitches itself was fun, knitters are way more excitable than weavers.  I have never seen an over 40 weaver squeal and jump up and down.  As this was our first show of the season it was nice to see our vendor friends.  John Marshall found a stash of real gold thread that is to die for.  Takako of Habu had the models from a knit book being published this month using her yarns. Diane and Kathie of Just Our Yarns had many new patterns for their beautiful tensel space dyed yarns. And of course Morgaine of Carolina Homespun, one of my most favorite booths.  I also tried a new moisturizer from, this is great stuff!  As is our custom, we finished off the weekend with dinner with Lisa and Charlotte at the Hilton Restaurant, we laughed until our faces hurt.

Another uneventful trip home made for a perfect weekend.

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