Saturday, July 10, 2010


I live in the high desert of Southern California. It's probably the only place in Los Angeles County where it snows on a regular basis.  I've lived here about 25 years and for some reason I keep track of the weather; the temperature when I get up, if it's cloudy, raining, foggy, etc.  It's almost the middle of July, Summer in the desert, this afternoon it was 70 and it sprinkled. The weather people say it's our normal monsoon season. We don't have a monsoon season, normal or otherwise, we have a fire season.  Our last rain is in February or so and it doesn't rain again until October or so, that's normal. I've checked my journals and it has rained (sprinkled) the last couple years in the summer but in my opinion, that doesn't make in normal, it makes it weird.  This is a picture off the front of my property, clouds - in July.

My little Palo Verde tree I received for my birthday is blooming. It must be happy.

I must get back to labeling silk.

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