Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I decided to leave the warp as is, per usual, I would probably do it different if I were to do it over. I am warming up to the grey.

I always get a little sad at this point because the really fun part is over. I do enjoy the rest of the dressing process but then it's time to weave, not my favorite part.

I had a weaver friend who had a loom like mine, I would dress my loom, put it in my truck and take it to her house. I would drop it off and pick up her loom and yarn, bring it home and dress her loom. She would weave off my warp and we would do it all over again.  Sadly for me her child got in the way of her weaving. At least some people have their heads screwed on right.


Meg in Nelson said...

L. O. L. I love sampling, that's one of the best parts. And then the hard slog begins for me. Yes, the weaving... You can do this!

Weaving Trails said...

Yes, but I just have to complain a little.