Thursday, August 11, 2011


The next step in my process is to decide on a weft. I very seldom think about the weft until the warp is tied on and ready to be woven. Most of the time, what is in my head never looks the same on the loom, so why bother worrying about it. Looking at the warp on the loom, I'm pleased, even happy. My fabric will be finished tomorrow so there will be no more P2P2 pictures of the fabric until the "Big Reveal". Next week, however, I will start the next phase of the project, dyeing the lining and doing some braiding, I will post pictures of them.


Meg in Nelson said...

Exciting. These days I seem to do re. P2P2 is count the number of days left to work on this!

Weaving Trails said...

I am truly surprised that my fabric is this far along. I'm one of those wait until the last possible moment people. This project has inspired me, maybe posting my thoughts helped.