Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 7 - Santa Rosa to Amarillo, TX

The town of Santa Rosa is on the down side of booming but it does have water and lots of it. Blue Hole is an Artesian Spring and is the scuba capital of New Mexico.

You have to have a permit to dive but not to jump. Boy I love NM.

The water is the most beautiful blue and perfectly clear. The ledge at the bottom of the photo is about 12 foot under the surface, under the ledge it widens from 60 foot to 120 foot.
Around the corner from the Blue Hole is a lake where only swimming is allowed. Everyone from 3 counties must have been in the lake or Blue Hole, freezing their tookies off.
Left Santa Rosa and headed for Amarillo where we crossed the Pecos.

This whole area was once under water and as the water evaporated over the years the mud dried and left these outcroppings of layered mud. Each layer is about a half inch and they are very beautiful and fragile. When we finally got to Amarillo, we decided not to camp as the wind is blowing way to hard.

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