Friday, May 31, 2013

Days 10 & 11

CHT is very small this year but the attending weavers are very serious and their work is outstanding! The member's exhibit is fabulous (I will take photos tomorrow) and there is a lot of RedFish silk in the prize winner's entries.

New this year was the Quick Draw contest. This was strictly a speed contest, the person who wove the longest scarf in 2 hours won. Everyone had the same equipment, they could use their own tools. The warp had to be at least 3 yards, 15 epi, 10 inches in the reed. Two women had their warps measured, wound on, threaded, tied on and were weaving in under an hour.

This picture show one woman winding on, not too neat but fast, her hand is blurry. The winning scarf was nothing to write home about but to go from a cone of yarn to a 3 yard scarf in under 2 hours is quite a feat.

Location:Addison TX

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