Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trails - Camping

This is the storm we were in and out of all day today. It was raining when we left Albuquerque and rained all the way to Denver, stopping shortly after we arrived at Kelly's. We saw a lot of bikers stopped under overpasses, waiting for the rain to let up, then they would fly up the highway until it started raining again and we would pass them waiting under an overpass again.

The 2 darker areas on the horizon are where it is raining. 
We would drive in and out of these rain pockets. It would go from no rain to sprinkles to down pours all within 15/20 minutes. 

Saw several herds of Prong Horn Antelope, in the fields.

We arrived at Kelly's about 5:30. We gave her the Superhero goggles and told her we wanted a picture for our web site. She of course had a cape, she is after all "Super Cat". I told her she had to put tights on, so she redressed and brought out some back-drops she had painted for another project. It's always fun having Kelly around. 
 We were going to leave early in the morning but have stayed up too long tonight, but I had planned a short driving day tomorrow.

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