Monday, May 25, 2009

Trails - Camping

We had a wonderful visit at Kelly's. Went to dinner at the Sunflower in Boulder for a steamer full of fresh vegetables and brown rice, with some spicy sauce. We stayed up way too late and by the time we had breakfast it was 10:00 before we got on the road. It stayed clear for about an hour, then started raining again. The rain wasn't hard and the mountains and plains of Wyoming are unbelievably beautiful. 
We have seen hundreds of Proghorn Antelope today. Half of the world's population of Proghorn live in Wyoming. They are spectacular, too bad the Wyomingians think they are only good to eat.
The camp ground in Buffalo is very nice. It stopped raining about an hour out and the ground was dry in the campground. Got the tarp set up and it started raining but only for a few minutes, now the sun is out.
Heading out for Butte Montana tomorrow morning - bright and early!

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