Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trails - Selling

Things you don't notice when you pull into your motel dead tired and just want to sleep.
The Hell's Angel's Spokane Headquarters are across the street.
Next to them is the Crisis Center for Women and Children.
On the other side is a small park for children.
Our Motel has an Espresso Shop called Busty's Bikini Espresso where the girls running it wear bikinis. 
Evidently the bikers help keep the husbands away from the Crisis Center and keep the park safe for the kids.
The bikini girls are very friendly and cute. They are making a mint from the guys in trucks. 
The area is very quite and the beds are good. A fun neighborhood.

We set up today and started selling tonight. Nine to nine are the hours we are working at this Conference. Forgot to take the camera, no pictures tonight.

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