Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trails - Selling

There were several garments in the competition that were woven with RedFish Yarn. This Scarf won the Complex Weaver Award. Some of the classes for this Conference started Friday, the main Conference started today and some are next week. Very strange. There were a lot of shoppers out today. The banquet and Keynote Speaker were tonight from 6 to 9, so all the vendors decided to leave at 7.  We walked the Riverwalk to Downtown to have dinner. Spokane is a very beautiful city with parks and lots of art along the river. I especially like this Metal Sculpture.

The Spokane River goes right through the middle of downtown Spokane and there are 2 waterfalls. One is natural and one is man made, it's a serious river. At this time of the year it is very swollen with melt off and moving very fast. The amount of water is unbelievable.  

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