Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Braiding & Goldwork

Some of the members of THAT Guild have started a Study Group on Goldwork. Since I love to embroider I figured I needed a new hobby, so I jumped right in. While doing research  on Goldwork, I can never truly just jump right in, I came across photographs of Chinese Emperor robes that had both Chinese Braid Embroidery and Goldwork.  Now I have 2 new hobbies.
I purchased the book "Chinese Braid Embroidery" by Jacqui Carey and promptly got started with a make-shift stand made from a old rag shuttle, a piece of pvc, a wooden dowel, a small board and an old stool. I'm using pirns for bobbins and tami for weights. The first braid was too tight, the second too loose, tomorrow I will find some weights a little lighter and hopefully get a braid that is just right.
Most of the people in the Study Group are almost finished with their first project - I'm still working on my materials. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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