Saturday, December 5, 2009

Why I'm not weaving 8(

Wow! Lots happening this week to keep me from weaving. We cut a hole in the #3 container for a door that will be easier to open. This process took a couple days, now that it's finally done, it's supposed to rain. The flooring has been ordered and should be here next Friday, it will probably be pouring rain by that time. It's getting so close to being done I can almost see it.  I will be able to get to my looms again. I'll be able to weave.

The Little Dog has been adopted by weaver Joyce Hinton. Her name has been changed from Little Dog to Heddle.  She moved to her new home and has a Pug to play with.  My dogs are settling down, I thought Sunshine would be neurotic before Little Dog left. I don't think neurotic is the work I was looking for, she has always been neurotic, maybe she was heading for a complete breakdown.  Bunker kinda liked her but didn't want to admit it. They ran and played together but Bunker would keep growling to keep up appearances. I caught her licking the Little Dog from head to toe. Little Dog seemed to enjoy it.

We also said, "screw it", and went to a movie, then to the new Shusi joint in Palmdale. Saw "A Christmas Carol" in 3D. I don't know why I enjoy going to the movies so much. I can't hear a word that is being said, one day they will have close captions. Sherlock Holmes will be next.  I do like movies that have really great sets.

I also mastered a fabulous Gluten Free English Muffin. I was buying a fairly good one at Whole Foods, then they stopped carrying them.  I actually think mine are better.

We also had to say goodbye to weaver friend Barbara Gawronski, who passed away last Monday. Barbara was Polish and had a very thick accent, she also laughed a lot when she talked. A conversation between us would take hours as I couldn't understand most of what she was talking about. Never stopped us from having a good time though.

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