Sunday, December 6, 2009

Weavers OutPost

The Weavers OutPost, formerly know as the Weavers' Cottage belongs to me.  I closed the Cottage because the building that housed the Cottage was falling down around us and the rent kept rising. I decided to move it home and try running it as an internet business.  I purchased a 9 foot by 40 foot container thinking this would be large enough to hold the inventory.  Big misjudgment on my part. The yarn fit in the container but that was it. The looms, wheels and most of the equipment didn't. Since I had no place else to put the "left overs", they went into my home and my studio.  Ten months later, my home is still paths through weaving equipment, my studio is still unusable.

Today, is the third day we have worked on putting a door in #3. Container #2 is a 9 foot by 15 foot container I got for a very good price so it will be my office. Container #3 is 9 foot by 48 foot and will house the equipment and a repair shop. When the door is finished and the flooring is put down, the looms can be moved in. The time frame for this is a week.

The little building I took pictures of coming up the drive will be a show room to show samples. The Weavers OutPost is getting very close, getting my home and studio back is very close.

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