Sunday, December 20, 2009

Regaining my Studio

I didn't have too much time today to work as Sunday is my normal shopping day at the Farmer's market. 

Two looms, some benches and other equipment moved to Container #3.

Almost a clear shot to my Tools of the Trade Loom, if I would have moved the dress form it could be seen.  I have had this loom for many years and I love it. It's harnesses have springs at the bottom so it is very quite. I work with very fine threads so I had a 1/2 section beam build by my friend Bob Shepherd. The sections are made from thin wires, not pegs, so they take up very little room. I purchased a rolling temple from Fireside Looms but haven't had time to attach it. The next major improvement will be a worm gear. In the mean time I will weave awhile.

The next two looms that will remain in my studio are a Schacht 8 Harness, 36 inch floor loom and an old Norwood I bought new 25 or so years ago. 

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