Monday, June 27, 2011

Homeward Bound

Today we have seen over 100 wild buffalo at Blue Mound Tall Grass Prairie.
Unbelievably lucky as they have 1800 acres to roam and there they were, not a quarter mile from the road. Further up the road in Pipestone National Monument, are the quarries where the tribes of the Midwest came for stone to carve their pipes. The Pipestone runs from the palest pink to a dark almost light burgundy. A creek runs through the quarry making it impossible to remove the stone until late fall.
Today, we will leave Minnesota. The last couple days have been beautiful, light rain in the morning, sunny all afternoon. Temperature in the high 70s. I know I have complained about the weather here but without the rain, the ecosystem would not be what it is. Rain or shine, Minnesota is in my top 5 favorite states. It is extremely beautiful and the people are very friendly, if they would only do something about the food and the hunting thing.

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Location:Pipestone MN

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