Thursday, June 16, 2011


We have been traveling the back roads of Minnesota camping in State Parks and seeing the local sights. What a beautiful state full of very nice people, eh? I have seen more trees on this trip than I have in the last 20 years. A few of the highlights:

We stayed at Moosehead Lake State Park where we camped, hiked, saw tons of wildflowers and mosquitoes.

We are fast learners, after Florida, we have a net tent, bug repellent clothing, mosquito repellent soap and wipes, I have only been bitten 3 times.
It's funny to see them come within 2 inches and then back off.

We stayed at Itasca State Park where we camped, hiked, saw tons of wildflowers, swarms of mosquitos, and the Headwaters of the Mississippi River. You can wade across it, it's only about 20 foot wide.

We stopped at the Lost 40 to see a virgin forest of white pines, some of the trees are 400 years old.

We are now in International Falls, MN, in a motel, where I can see Canada from my window. We are in a motel for a couple days to shower, do laundry, dry out camping equipment, and eat fresh food. Tomorrow we are going to Voyageur National Park where we will take a long boat canoe trip.

Of course, since no hikes were planned, it's the first day of no rain and sun but tomorrow is supposed to be the same. We can only hope.

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Location:International Falls, MN

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