Thursday, June 30, 2011

Homeward Bound

Yesterday, we stopped at the Western Trails Interpretive Center learning more about how the settlers came West. We also stopped at Independence Rock, it was said if you left St Joseph, MO, in March and made it to Independence Rock by July 4th, you could make it over the mountains on the way to OR before the snows. We made it way before the 4th, so I guess we are safe.

Today we drove hard, 584 miles. UT has 80 MPH speed limit, cars, trucks, cars pulling trailers, everything. I drove 65/70 and let everyone else whizz
around me. Be home tomorrow.

Right before I left on this trip I joined a weaving design group called P2P2. I have thought about it for the last 5 weeks, next week I will get serious!

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Location:St. George, UT

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